Exploring our connection to healthcare.

Out of the Blue has expertise in healthcare communications, with a focus on video, digital, and social media. Our experience is based on 25+ years of serving healthcare, life sciences, and patient education. We have a strategic, goals-focused approach to marketing and messaging.

RON COHEN – Creative Director

Ron has a knack for not just telling a story, but moving the story along.

He passionately dives into his projects, finding the nuance, the specifics, the sweet spot, whether for a patient conquering cancer, a researcher developing new medical techniques, or someone learning how to live with a lung transplant.

He’s worked closely with numerous internal healthcare marketing groups. His vast knowledge of oncology, cardiology, and pulmonology brings an important understanding to take the technical and make it accessible to the average consumer. Plus gain the respect of the physicians he works with for being able to talk their talk.

Ron has worked on campaigns ranging from pharmaceutical launches to rebrands of cancer centers. He often says that in the world of marketing there is nothing better than knowing your helping educate people in their healthcare journey.

VIKKI SMITH – Executive Producer

Vikki’s 25+ year professional life has taken her all over the country, from Line Producer to Agency Producer, and finally Executive Producer/Sr. Account Manager at Out of the Blue Productions.

She is the quintessential personification of the left and right brain working in concert. She has incredible efficiency and astute creativity. She gets into the client’s head and stays on task to make sure the story remains focused.

Having spent decades working on healthcare accounts, Vikki has a realistic outlook for how to manage campaigns, safely and successfully. She consistently contributes to the creative process, insuring all the client’s needs and objectives are being met from the initial meetings through to the finished project.

MARY MAHONEY – Strategy/Execution

Mary has a long history of exceptional strategy and execution. In fact, these attributes represent the core of her overall business and consulting philosophy and are reflected in the work she performs for her clients every day.

Mary has worked with many major healthcare systems including Advent Health,
UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health, Orlando Health, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies and Emory Health. Mary’s passion is developing winning strategies that deliver measurable outcomes that result in increased profitability, quality growth and operational excellence. Her background includes more than 20 years of senior executive experience.

CINDY CALHOUN – Art Director

Cindy’s decades of work in healthcare and in the health and hygiene products market have given her a compassionate, creative and patient-centric perspective. She has vast experience in both the B2C and B2B markets, spanning digital media, direct mail, print and billboard design, as well as video and photography art direction.

Her collaborative approach to working with the client and the OOTB team leads Cindy to strategically apply the research and information she is provided to achieve a vibrant, vital, visual solution. She is keenly oriented to business objectives with an emphasis on brand development, marketing goals and future growth.

ART LEVY – Writer

Art Levy is a writer of television commercials, corporate videos, training programs and web-based communications.  A winner of more than 45 creative awards, Art’s specialty is taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand.

Art’s approach can be summed up in three words: Personalize, Pictures, and Plotline. That means his words will help you to engage your customers personally, help them paint a picture in their minds about your product or service, and tell your story in a way that flows and encourages them to find out more

Art’s career has taken him from writing TV spots for consumer products like Tastykake and ALPO Pet foods, to financial communications for The Vanguard Group and Prudential Insurance.

DEXTER GRESH – Lead Video Editor

We’ll lead Dexter’s bio with the fact he’s an Emmy award-winning editor. He’s amazing…and that’s not us talking, it’s our clients. They absolutely love his ability to find the best of their footage and create stories they didn’t even know they had.

Dexter has edited everything from reality TV shows (Wedding Story, Trading Places) to TV spots and complex interactive videos. Versatility in all edit systems, plus adeptness at After Effects, let him seamlessly integrate graphics and animation into his productions.

Dexter’s adventurous side has seen him and his girlfriend traveling to Spain, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan in recent years.

RICH LAVERICK – CFO/Technologist

Trained as an electrical engineer, Rich lives his credo of “iterative thinking” – thinking through things several steps to always be one step ahead. His passion for all things space and digital leads to great discoveries for our group, and helps keep us able to handle anything new.

Rich is a problem solver with a track record of bold solutions and remarkable success. But he’s also the guy who helped corral our recent 3D stereoscopic program on a huge projected screen, knocked out a variety of digital videos, and everything in between. When not helping on the tech side, Rich wanted everyone to know that he is ready and willing to go to space in a moment’s notice!

TED HARRINGTON – Digital Imaging Technician/Assistant Editor/I.T.

We’re fortunate to have Ted, who is at the intersection of technology and creativity. He’s a great blend of research, adaptability and sheer wizardry.

In a world of ever changing social media needs, where the format and files are as important as the content itself, that’s where Ted’s special brand of magic comes into play. He keeps us on our toes and helps suss out what the latest systems are for running web and streaming content.

The real question is, what can’t Ted do?

ERIC COLA – Videographer/Drone Pilot

When it comes to getting a bird’s eye view of a location, Cola is the man for the job. A licensed drone pilot with over three years of flying experience, Eric has taken his assortment of drones all over the world, capturing it from a new point of view.

On the ground, Eric is equally as invaluable with those more conventional “land based” cameras. An incredibly nimble shooter, Eric’s ability to quickly assess and capture a shot makes him a fantastic asset on smaller, quicker shoots.

When he’s not in the air or on land, Eric also loves to spend time on the water. Whether it’s scuba diving with sharks or reeling in a trophy fish, Eric always has his cameras ready to anticipate the next shot.

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